Frequently Answered Questions

What is the purpose of EmailVerify.com?

EmailVerify.com is an online service to check and clean up email lists. It helps to analyze email addresses and for each email address in a list determine if it is valid or not. The data owner receives a cleaned list with the verdict or result. This helps to keep your clean list and send emails only to valid users, helping to reach the inbox and reduce the bounce errors.

How accurate are the results?

EmailVerify.com uses many different algorithms at the time an email address is analyzed. This include a syntax check, MX record check and some built-in algorithms to conclude if an email is valid or not. In some situations, we cannot determine if an email address is good or bad, mainly because their email servers do not cooperate. In these cases, we do not consume any user credit, of course.

Do you store the email lists?

We store the list in an internal database in order to run the email check and for a proper operation of our email check system. However, email lists and its results can be physically deleted from our system at any time.

What do you do with the email lists?

The only reason we keep an email address in our system is to analyze the email address and determine if it is GOOD or BAD. Email lists keep private, in a secure system and these are never shared with any 3rd. party service.

Can you sign an NDA?

Yes. If required, we can sign an NDA for you.

What if I have more questions not answered here?

You can contact us any time through our contact center (click here).